School Visits

Ocean Connections has designed our outreach programs to allow you the ability to create your very own program meeting individual curriculum needs. Our programs allow you to bring the excitement of marine mammals to your classroom! Select from a wide variety of curriculum topics that allow you to create the perfect outreach

program for your students! 

Programs begin with an introduction to Ocean Connections through an engaging video. Our educators will then lead students through your desired topics, lasting 13-15 minutes each, with age-appropriate interactive activities that will engage your students in their own learning.

With school approval, Ocean Connections also offers the opportunity to bring in one of our education animals to aid in the learning process! *May be subject to availability and animal needs.

Program Pricing:
A minimum of 2 programs must be booked.

For a 45-minute program, choose 2 topics for $100
For a 55-minute program, choose 3 topics $135

Program Size:
Ocean Connections utilizes interactive learning in small group settings designed for up to 30 students. Additional students will be charged $8 per student with a maximum of 35 students per program.

Travel Costs:
If your location is within a 40 mile radius of Ocean Connections, we will travel to you at no additional cost. For each mile over 40, there is a $.60/mile mileage fee.

To allow us to customize your program, all reservations need to be made over the phone at 414-453-5527 or at contact us here.

Program Offerings:

  • Marine Mammals - From seals and sea lions to blue whales, the largest animal on earth, all marine mammals have a unique set of characteristics. Children will learn about the 5 characteristics of a mammal and how they relate to seals and sea lions. Students will also explore how marine mammals are different from other land mammals.
  • Adaptations - Seals and sea lion have many adaptations that allow them to thrive both on land and in their water environment. From fins to blubber to whiskers, students will learn all about adaptations and how they help seals and sea lions survive in their unique habitat.
  • Habitats & Ecosystems - Our world is filled with a variety of ecosystems and each is home to a unique set of animals. We will delve into the 6 types of biomes found around the world and discover which types of animals call these places home. Students will also learn what every animal habitat needs in order to be successful!
  • Web of Life - All life on earth is connected to one another. Students will learn about the interconnected relationship between the sun, plants and animals by exploring food chains. We will also investigate the intricate connection between predators and their prey.
  • Wild Wisconsin - You don’t have to go far to learn about life in the water. Wisconsin is full of aquatic environments with a large assortment of creatures. Students will learn about animal classification by looking at the aquatic species they can find right in their backyards! They will also gain an understanding of threatened and endangered species in our region and around the world.
  • The Deep Blue Ocean - Our ocean is full of mystery! We will help students to dive deep into the ocean and learn about the different levels that comprise the ocean waters and the fascinating creatures that live there, from plankton to angler fish to the large whale shark.
  • Making A Difference - Our ocean is experiencing many difficulties such as pollution, sea levels rising and warming waters. All of these events are affecting the health of the ocean and wild ocean populations. We will help students learn how our daily actions are affecting the ocean what we can all do to make a difference!
  • Being a Marine Mammal Trainer - Marine mammal training is a highly rewarding career, but there is a lot of work that goes in to being a great trainer! Students will learn about what goes in to caring for marine mammals on a daily basis and explore how to become involved in the field of marine mammal training.
  • Animal Training - Did you know that the same techniques used to train a dog can be used to train a sea lion? Learn about the positive reinforcement techniques that our trainers use to condition our animals and understand the benefits that training provides.
  • Husbandry Care - One of the most important aspects of our training program is the development of voluntary husbandry care. By training our animals to assist in their blood draws, ultrasounds and veterinary checkups, we are able to provide exceptional healthcare. Animal welfare standards are discussed and reviewed with an emphasis on best care practices.

Career Day

Want to learn what it takes to work in the animal care field? Discuss careers in marine mammal science and animal care with a marine mammal trainer. Explore animal training techniques, husbandry care and the important role of zoos and aquariums in this interactive discussion. Presentations can be tailored to fit any age group or class size.

Program Price: $75.00

Program Length: 1 hour

Make a Reservation

Due to the uniqueness of these programs, phone reservations are required. For details or to reserve your outreach program, please feel free to call us at 414-453-5527 or contact us here.