Happy Halloween

What a treat! SAVE 15% Off ALL 2019 Fall Program Gift Certificates Purchased Oct. 27-31, 2018!

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Our Newest Addition

This past week, Talise has spent time getting to explore our 18-foot deep main pool with all of her flippered friends! There is no doubt that Talise has many new adventures on the horizon!

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Underwater Journey Summer Camp Special

Hurry before it's too late! Make your reservation for any of the Underwater Journey Camps between July 10 and July 17 to secure your spot in camp and receive 20% off! You don't want to miss out on meeting some of our amazing animals!

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Bring Oceans of Fun to your classroom!

We specialize in programs that focus on connecting students with animals and the environment. There is a program to supplement every curriculum while engaging students in the world of marine mammals and conservation.


Seal and Sea Lion Paintings

Looking for a truly interesting piece of artwork? Check out our one-of-a-kind seal and sea lion paintings created by the stars of Oceans of Fun! Each piece is unique and crafted by our animal artists as part of our training and enrichment program.


Growing Up Sea Lion!

Colby's formal training is progressing every day! Check out what milestones Colby has hit now that he is 10 months old!


Make A Splash with Oceans of Fun!

Visit Oceans of Fun to learn about marine mammals, animal training and conservation in our amazing programs. From age 5 to 100, there is something for everyone!


Make A Difference Today!

You can help make a difference in the lives of needy California sea lion pups! Your donation will go towards providing much needed fish and medical care to get these stranded pups back on their flippers and back to their ocean home!


Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

Do you love the earth and want to make a difference? Become part of the Oceans of Fun team by taking part in one of our internship programs! We offer both animal care and education internships where you will gain valuable insight into the marine mammal field.

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Summer Camp Registration is in Full Swing!

Summer is approaching fast! Now is the time to sign up for our Underwater Journey Camps! Children ages 7 to 12 can choose from a variety of camps that immerse them in the training, conservation and care of marine mammals! Make your reservation today!

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Marine Mammal Kids Day Camps in Milwaukee, WI

  • 11 to 15
  • 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
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Marine Voyagers - Nautical Navigators

Our Nautical Navigator is brand new for the 2020 season and better than ever!  This summer camp for 11-15 year olds focuses on the incredible adaptations that our seals and sea lions possess to survive both on land and in the water.  The first day of this camp will focus on the amazing assets our seals and sea lions possess on land.  From their strong stomach muscles and rotating hip bones, to how they eat 5 to 50 pounds of fish, our campers will learn everything they need to know about how seals and sea lions survive on land.  The second day of this camp will be soaked in underwater information!  Campers will explore the adaptations seals and sea lions possess to help them be just as successful underwater as they are on land.  Be sure to pack a swimsuit since this is the ONLY camp that has the opportunity to get into the water with our seals and sea lions.  To conclude our Nautical Navigator camp, campers will have the experience of a lifetime entering our pool!  They will stand on our waist-deep wet dock and meet one of our animal ambassadors on their level.  They will splash, play, and learn alongside one of our seals and sea lions as well as our animal care team to create a lifetime of memories.


Summer 2020 Marine Mammal Camp Sessions

·JUNE 11TH - 12TH

·JULY 23RD - 24TH


At the conclusion of our camp, parents will have the opportunity to view and purchase photos of their children interacting with our animals. The only marine mammal kids day camp in Wisconsin, these programs fill quickly.



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