Meet Our Animals


Common Name: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Birth Date: June 29, 1999

Maturation: Adult

Average Weight: 200 pounds

My Story:

Geneva was born at Ocean Connections late in the day on June 29th, 1999. She was the first pup born to Makaia (third generation at Ocean Connections). Geneva weighed in at 11 pounds when born and immediately had a feisty personality. Geneva was very playful and a welcome addition to our family! She was cared for by both her mother and grandmother (Sport) as a pup. Her formal training began at 9 months of age when she weaned from her mother and began eating fish. Today Geneva, is all grown up and knows over 150 behaviors that delight our guests. She has a very distinct roar and zoo patrons can definitely pick her out of the crowd! Geneva's voice and energy cannot be mistaken; she enjoys training, performing, and touching the hearts of our guests!

Fun Facts: Daughter to Makaia and swam at 2 weeks of age!