Meet Our Animals


Common Name: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Birth Date: April 17, 2013

Maturation: Sea lion pup

Average Weight: Talise weighs approximately 170 pounds. She will not reach maturity until she is about 5 years old.

My Story:

Talise was born in the evening on April 17, 2013 to first time mom Sonoma.  From the beginning, Talise has shown herself to be strong and playful.  Talise fills her days with investigating new toys and splashing around with her other flippered friends.  Talise began eating fish at 8 months of age, which allowed trainers to begin her formal training.  This feisty girl loves to learn and is learning new behaviors all the time!  She has been stealing the hearts of partrons in our daily Seal and Sea Lion presentations as well as our Seal and Seal Lion Conservation Feeds,  Be sure to stop by and see her!

Fun Facts: Daughter to Sonoma