Meet Our Animals

Common Name: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Birth Date: June 20, 2012

Maturation: Juvenile Sea Lion

Average Weight: At birth, Colby weighted in at 16 pounds. He will not reach his full maturity until he is 10 years old. In February 2017, he weighed in at 240 pounds.

My Story:

Colby was born in the evening of June 20, 2012 to his mother Makaia.  At about 10 months of age, after weaning from his mother, Colby began his formal training.  He is extremely eager to learn new behaviors and thoroughly enjoys his training sessions.  Still young, one of Colby’s favorite parts of his day is enrichment; he has no problems finding new ways to play.  He can also be found romping through the pools with his flippered friends.  Colby travels to our Hersheypark facility in Hershey, PA each spring and returns in the fall.  No matter which location he is at, his energy and spunk captures the hearts of all the guests who meet him!

Fun Facts: Son to Makaia