Meet Our Animals


Common Name: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Arrival Information: August 2017

Maturation: Sea lion pup

Average Weight: 80 pounds and growing! Moana will not reach full maturity until she is about 5 years old and reaches approximately 200 pounds in weight.

My Story:

At four months of age, Moana was found stranded and trapped in a storm sewer near Huntington Beach, California.  She was trembling, lethargic, sick, and alone.  This is when the Pacific Marine Mammal Center was called and leapt into action to rescue and rehabilitate this pup.  She was bottle fed and provided with around the clock care.  Due to her age, inability to forge for her own food, and dependency upon human assistance she was deemed non-releasable as she would not be able to survive in the wild.  This is when Ocean Connections was asked to provide a forever home for this gentle, loving pup.  After months of tender, loving, care Moana is now healthy, gaining weight, and extremely playful! 

As of August 2018, Moana is doing absolutely fantastic! Upon arrival, Moana spent her first thirty days with us in quarantine at the Milwaukee County Zoo's Animal Health Center.  This is an essential part of the transport process as it allows our animal care team to ensure new arrivals are completely healthy before introducing them to the rest of our population.  Once we received veterinary clearance, we were able to transport Moana from the Animal Health Center to our facility where she is able to see her new poolmates and become comfortable with a new environment.  Getting used to a new place and new faces is quite the process and we are taking it one step at a time.  She is making new friends and very curious about her surroundings! For more information or to follow along with her progress on any of our social media sites: facebook, instagram, twitter or add us on Snapchat with the username "oceansoffun."