Meet Our Animals


Common Name: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Birth Date: July 3, 2000

Maturation: Adult

Average Weight: 200 pounds

My Story:

Sonoma was born at Ocean Connections on July 3, 2000. She was Sport’s fourth pup and is a welcome addition to our family. Sonoma spent her first year of life with us, learning and growing, but was transported to the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina in the fall of 2001 to assist in their sea lion demonstrations. Sonoma then went to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago in May 2009 before arriving back at Ocean Connections, once again, in October 2011. Sonoma never missed a beat in coming home and popped right back into her "home" environment seamlessly! Sonoma is a bundle of energy and enjoys showing off during daily presentations. When the day is done and it's time to settle in for the night, Sonoma can be seen all cuddled up relaxing with the other females in our population! Sonoma gave birth to her very first pup, Talise, in April of 2013.  It took awhile for her motherly instincts to kick in, but with help from her trainers, she developed into a wonderful sea lion mother!  With her playful antics, Sonoma is no doubt a crowd pleaser!

Fun Facts: Daughter of Sport; Mother to Talise and Zeus