Ocean Connections: Observer Program

Program Fee: $25.00

Ages: ALL (2 and under are free of charge)

Available for Aquatic Adventure, Caring for Flippered Friends, and Sea Lion Splash programs only. Excludes Summer Camp and Job Shadow.

If you’re not interested in a marine animal encounter of your own, but still want to join in the fun, tag along with the group in our Observer Program.

As an observer, you are able to accompany the participant throughout the entire program.  Observe our educational program, come behind-the-scenes at Ocean Connections and enjoy the animal interaction time. 

Observers are welcome to take still photography from designated areas however video recording is not permitted.

Observer Guidelines

  • Observers will have the opportunity to take still photographs from our designated area, but we ask that you remain seated to help minimize distraction for our animals.
  • The use of video cameras is prohibited at all times.
  • To ensure the best possible experience for both our participants and animals, we ask that you observe silence during the interactive portion of the program to minimize distraction for our animals and participants.
  • Ocean Connections reserves the right to escort those being disruptive out of our theatre at any time.