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World Oceans Month 2015

Join Oceans of Fun, the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) and the European Association for Aquatic Mammals this June in celebrating World Oceans Month! Inspired by World Oceans Day, which was celebrated June 8th, this international partnership aims to raise awareness for ocean health and conservation efforts throughout the month.

Oceans of Fun is proudly accredited by the AMMPA. Together we are joining a number of other accredited facilities worldwide in promoting environmentally friendly practices by sharing fun and easy tips as well as challenges to improve ocean health through Facebook and Instragram. Marine parks, zoos and aquariums are dedicated towards protecting our worlds’ oceans and recognize the impact each individuals’ actions have on the health of the environment. Though we educate zoo patrons about conservation on a daily basis, it is important we all take this month to reflect on the effects of our actions and focus on ways we can all help!

Leading by example, Oceans of Fun staff has been out in the community joining in local conservation efforts. From showing off our reusable shopping bags and water bottles to carpooling to work, we are all making efforts to reduce our carbon emissions. This past week, we met up with the Friends of South Shore Park for a beach clean up! We were excited to learn that the Friends of South Shore Park hosts monthly beach cleanups and we cannot wait to join them again July 23rd  . We invite you to join us as well!

Debris found on beaches can be detrimental to the animals that call it home. Although we cleaned up a beach along Lake Michigan, it’s important to recognize that debris in the midland can eventually work its way downstream to the ocean. Any pollution found in an animals’ habitat can be harmful and even fatal. 

Fortunately by working together with our friends, families and communities, each individual can make a wave in the plight of the oceans and make a positive, lasting impact. Join us in protecting our oceans and share you and your families’ own efforts with us on Facebook!



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