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In April of 2021, our rescued female Atlantic harbor seal, Mango, began exhibiting behaviors that concerned our animal care team.  After around-the-clock care, observation, and treatment, extensive measures were taken to diagnose the issue and support her.  When animals come from the wild, it is not uncommon for them to have underlying health issues which do not surface for years.  X-rays of Mango's chest displayed that she has cancerous masses.  We are committed to ensuring that Mango receives the best care, quality of life, and unwavering love throughout her journey.  While there are no treatment options available and the timeline is unknown, Mango is doing well.  If you would like to support Mango and her medical care, you are able to via any of the methods below:

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 PayPal  Tiltify
 Venmo: @OceanConnections  Purchase Mango Merch


Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

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