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Welcome Back!

Ocean Connections is excited to welcome you and your family back to visit us starting Saturday June 13th, 2020.  Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our animals and guests so we are closely following the guidelines of the CDC as well as the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Please thoroughly read our new protocols below before visiting us:


  1. If you or any member of your party or family is not feeling well, please don’t visit. We welcome your visit when everyone is well.

  2. Currently, government health organizations are recommending people 65 years and older, those who live in a nursing homes or long-term care facilities, and people with underlying medical conditions should either remain home or keep their distance from others. 

  3. All guests ages three years and up are required to wear a face mask/covering throughout their visit. This is for your own protection and for the protection of other guests and employees at the Zoo.  Employees will also be wearing face masks/coverings within public areas.  

  4. Practice good hygiene while visiting the Milwaukee County Zoo.  

  5. We have enhanced our already-stringent cleaning protocols considering the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask for your patience if you experience any delays or inconvenience as a result of these procedures.

  6. Follow physical distancing guidelines carefully, maintaining 6 feet of space from other guests/employees. Family members and others (a “family unit”) who live in the same household can be closer together. All others should strictly adhere to the physical distancing guidelines. This will apply throughout the Zoo including on rides in queue lines, in/at exhibits, in/at food and beverage facilities, in show venues, and in restrooms.

  7. To facilitate adherence to physical distancing guidelines, Ocean Connections will operate at designated reduced capacities during the opening phase(s).

  8. If you feel ill once you are at the Zoo call 414-771-3040. You and your party will be asked to move to a special area within a facility for further assessment.

Ocean Connections is dedicated to thew ell-being and safety of its patrons, staff, and animals.  We will continue to follow the required guidelines related to COVID-19.  Please be aware that changes to Ocean Connections operations and protocols may occur at any time.  Current guidelines are temporary and, when appropriate, Ocean Connections will transition into cooperation with the Phase II guidelines set forth by the CDC and Milwaukee County Zoo.

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