Meet Makaia!

New Makaia pic

  • Adult female
  • Average weight is approximately 200 pounds
  • Born at Ocean Connections on June 28th, 1993
  • Daughter of Sport
  • Mothered five pups (Ayla, Geneva, Diego, Sequoia and Colby)

Makaia is the princess of the group. She was the first sea lion born at Ocean Connections in 1993 and is a very special animal. She is very energetic and curious. Always eager to meet the public, Makaia thrives on attention! She enjoys performing and is a favorite during our daily public presentations and interactive programs. She is currently 19 years old and has mothered five pups. Makaia welcomed Colby, her fifth pup this past summer. She is a great mother always looking after Colby, teaching him to swim and explore in his new home. As one of our veterans, Makaia helps to keep all of the youngsters in line and can often be seen sunning herself poolside with a couple of juveniles curled up along her side.