Daily Schedule for Hershey, PA

Ocean Connections, in partnership with Oceans of Fun, is a separate, 501(c) non-profit organization that operates within Hersheypark.  We offer daily programs that are fun for the whole family! This schedule is updated frequently so be sure to check back for the most current schedule.  All proceeds from these programs directly contributes to the care and welfare of our animals. 


Seal & Sea Lion Feeding and Photo Opportunities

Come meet our animals and support ocean conservation with our daily Seal & Sea Lion Feedings!  Chat with our animal care team, bring the whole family poolside to meet one of our flippered friends, and experience the magic of marine mammals up close!

This program is currently unavailable but check back soon!


Water Friends & Family

Join our 60-minute interactive VIP experience at Oceans of Fun and Zoo America! Bring the whole family to visit river otters, seals, and sea lions. Learn all about the importance of these water weasels and feed them before crossing the bridge for a private poolside training session with our seals or sea lions! Fun for All Ages!

This program is currently unavailable but check back soon!