Shout Outs & Hangouts

Ocean Connections is excited to be offering two brand new opportunities to spread some love, fun, and positivity.  You can now invite one of our seals and sea lions to share a special message for you or to join in your virtual hangouts!  The donations for these programs helps our 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the daily feeding and care of our animal ambassadors. Check them out below!



Personalized Shout Out

Have a message you would like to send a friend or a loved one?  Say it with a seal or sea lion! With every donation of $40.00, you'll receive a fully personalized shout out for you or a friend.  Whether it's wishing someone a happy birthday, sending some love on an anniversary, or simply saying hello to someone you miss, our greetings are completely customizable and include a special flippered guest.  Learn more or get yours today by clicking here.







Virtual Hangout

Get the seal of approval from your co-workers when you invite one of our animal ambassadors to your next Zoom or Google Hangout meeting.  Our seals and sea lions are happy to join your next meeting to start or end your discussions on the right flipper.  From Team Building to celebrations to incentives, your donation of $250.00 allows our animal ambassadors to add an element of fun to your virtual gathering.  Learn more or make a reservation by clicking here.