Seal & Sea Lion Feeding

Come poolside with our animals and support ocean conservation with our daily Seal and Sea Lion Feedings! This opportunity is fun for the whole family and allows you to come up close and personal with the flippered stars of Ocean Connections. We thaw, sort, and examine restaurant quality fish for you to give our animals as part of their diet that is carefully calculated by our animal care team to ensure their health and welfare.

Join us for this incredibly exciting experience!

Times for this program are subject to change depending on day of the week, weather, and animal needs.

 For more information on times or to purchase tickets at our Milwaukee location, please visit our Sea Lion Shoppe located outside of our stadium across from Monkey Island.

Visiting the Oceans of Fun animals at our Hersheypark location?  This opportunity is available!  For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Hersheypark Aquatheatre.

All proceeds from our Seal and Sea Lion Feedings contribute directly to the welfare of our animals and the conservation efforts of Ocean Connections. To learn more about our conservation projects click here!