This winter we welcomed a new member to our pinniped family! In late January, Bumper, a 2 year old male Atlantic harbor seal joined Ocean Connections from Long Island Aquarium in New York. Being a juvenile, Bumper weighs in at 130 pounds. When full grown, male harbor seals reach weights of approximately 300 pounds and lengths of 6 feet. This little guy sure has some growing to do!

At his previous home, Bumper was an exhibit animal and had just begun his formal training. As an inquisitive youngster, Bumper is curious about everything in his new environment. We are excited to continue his training and help him transition from an exhibit to a show and interactive environment. Bumper’s training goals include advancing his foundation behaviors, building trust in his new trainers and learning voluntary husbandry behaviors to help the animal care staff monitor his health on a daily basis.

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