Meet Bodega!


  • Male, sub-adult
  • Average weight is approximately 450 pounds
  • Son of Sport
Bodega was born at Ocean Connections in June of 1996 and began his formal training at one year of age. He is very eager and is currently learning many new behaviors for our upcoming season. Through his years of training he has acquired over 65 behaviors in his repertoire. Bodega spent his 1992 summer vacation at Long Marine Laboratory which is located at the University of Santa Cruz. He was transported there in order to participate in a research project which is currently studying the metabolic rates of California Sea lions and spent the summer breeding with three females. He returned to us in the fall a hefty, healthy 400 lb six year old! It is very common for sub-adult males to develop their crest and mature quickly when give the opportunity to play the role of dominant male within a population.....and Bodega obviously enjoyed this role. He is very playful and delights in figuring out and playing with new enrichment and toys which are provided by our training staff regularly. Today Bodega's favorite activities include playing and chasing the pups Ayla, Geneva and Diego around the pool, as well as, sneaking up on our new volunteers with a loud, sudden bark as if to say "Gotcha!".