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Dedicated to the field of marine mammal science and education, it is our goal to provide the best possible environment, training and care for our marine animals with the focus of educating the public about marine life, environmental protection and conservation.

Oceans of Fun offers a variety of opportunities for children and families alike to discover the amazing world of seals and sea lions. We provide a wide array of interactive programs, allowing you to connect with our animals personally.

We hope that you have the opportunity to join us and experience the wonder of working with marine mammals. The opportunity to touch, feed and interact with our sea lion family awaits you!

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General Growing Up Sea Lion
Let the Good Times Roll!

Learn what our 3 playful youngsters have been up to so far this summer!

General Growing Up Sea Lion
New Adventures for Talise & Nalu

Talise & Nalu have made their way back to Oceans of Fun and their training is progressing beautifully!  Continue reading to learn how our two youngsters are doing!

General Newsletter
March 2014 Newsletter

Want to know what the latest happenings are at Oceans of Fun?  Check out our latest newsletter to learn how our pups Talise & Nalu are doing, what it takes to be a marine mammal trainer and more!

Punta San Juan
Data Collection at Punta San Juan

Our data collection is well underway!  With 108 pups collected, assessed and released today so far we are gaining valuable information regarding pup growth rates and survivability.  One of our objectives is to recollect pups over multiple months and we have had great success!  The information we have gained will assist us in learning about life in the wild as well as within our collections.

Punta San Juan
Pup Growth and Development Study in Punta San Juan - 2014

In 2012 Oceans of Fun joined in a collaboration with the Chicago Zoological Society, Saint Louis Zoo, Kansas City Zoo and the Punta San Juan Project of the Center for Environmental Sustainability at Cayetano Heredia University to collect baseline data assisting in evaluating the South American sea lion and Peruvian fur seal populations in Punta San Juan.
This year we are expanding our research project to study pup growth and development with the goal of correlating and comparing data obtained in both wild and captive animals.
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